About the School

The School of Gemmotherapy provides online training courses in gemmotherapy for healthcare practitioners.

The Certificate course (16 weeks) gives you everything you need to use gemmotherapy effectively in your practice. Many graduates go on to the Diploma course (24 weeks) and the Licence course (40 weeks), which provide an increasing level of knowledge, skills and experience in gemmotherapy.

The online forum and teaching clinic is at the heart of the School, allowing students to ask questions and discuss cases with their teachers and classmates.

Our members and staff have a wide variety of backgrounds in holistic or conventional medicine. Since we opened in 2008, students from every continent have enrolled in the School of Gemmotherapy and its sister college in Japan; several of our graduates are now teaching for us.

Why gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is fast emerging as an essential clinical tool for our times. It is most often used to help drainage and detoxification, but it is also very useful in the symptomatic treatment of many common conditions.

The remedies are made from the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs, just as they begin to emerge in the Spring. These parts contain the embryonic tissues or ‘plant stem cells’ responsible for the trees’ growth. They also have high concentrations of nutrients, vitamins, plant hormones and enzymes. They act predominantly on the physical level, and especially on the body’s drainage organs and the lymphatic system.

Gemmotherapy is now being used by practitioners with a wide variety of backgrounds in natural and conventional medicine of all kinds. It is an excellent adjunctive therapy, working synergistically with many other forms of treatment.

I need to say that the gemmo clinic is one of the best, most stimulating and growth producing experiences I have had. It’s an unbelievably rich experience. P.R., USA (Certificate course)

I actually LOVE the school and I am looking forward to moving forward with the next level. I have learned so much and the support with not only administration, but the other participating students is phenomenal! I have been through more than my fair share of distance learning courses and programs and I have to say I am beyond pleased with The School of Gemmotherapy. N.W., USA (Certificate course)

The Certificate course was one of the best gifts I gave myself. Every lecture, clinical case, professor and classmate has contributed to my education. L.T., USA (Certificate course)

Diploma course

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Licence course

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Sorina Soescu

Sorina Soescu

Director of Studies

Sorina is a leading figure in gemmotherapy, teaching homeopathy and gemmotherapy at the Postgraduate Physicians Training Centre in Bucharest, Romania. She runs a busy clinic in Constanta, Romania, and is the author of several books on natural medicine. She has contributed numerous core lessons to the School and has been at the forefront of recent advances in gemmotherapy.

Nick Churchill

Nick Churchill


Nick is Principal of the School of Gemmotherapy. A homeopath by training, he discovered gemmotherapy while working in Italy in 2001, and went on to found the School in 2008. Nick holds an honorary diploma and membership of the Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy, and was awarded their Gemmotherapy Prize in 2013 for his work on Gemmostar. He practises in Bath, UK.

Lauren Hubele

Lauren Hubele

Senior Lecturer

Lauren is a homeopath and gemmotherapist specialising in drug-free options for women and children in Austin, Texas. She dedicated herself to the study of alternative cures for chronic diseases after successful treatment of melanoma while pregnant with her son. Lauren is passionate about the potential of gemmotherapy in healing all acute and chronic conditions.